Tips For Dealing With Burnout During A Pandemic

Tips For Dealing With Burnout During A Pandemic Dealing with burnout during a pandemic can be hard on caregivers, individuals and their family members. Isolation, fatigue, fear and stress can all contribute to that burnout. Many are feeling lonely with communities requiring self-distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and are not sure how to deal with the constant mental exhaustion. Here are some suggestions to help coping with burnout during a pandemic. Working from home, being home more ofte

Holiday Events Near Tampa

Getting into the holiday spirit isn’t always easy in the Tampa, Florida area. With temperatures averaging over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, December in Florida can seem strange to someone who lives up north. This year, enjoying holiday events will be even more challenging with COVID-19 postponing significant local events such as Holidays on The Farm at Keel Farms and Enchant Christmas in St. Petersburg. There’s still plenty to do though, so here’s our 2020 list of holiday events near Tampa. This post

Top Reasons For Being A Direct Support Professional with Casmir Care Services

Top Reasons For Being A Direct Support Professional with Casmir Care Services Working as a Direct Support Professional is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have. Here at Casmir Care Services, we work with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities within Pennsylvania. Working daily with individuals and their families brings our team delight because we want to make their lives a little more comfortable and enjoyable. While there are many reasons this work is rewarding

Volkswagen Camper Van - A Fun Way To Get Out

Camping is something a lot of people have been thinking about lately. It’s a great way to get outside with your friends or family while still not being right on top of people. One unique way to go camping is to do it in a Volkswagen camper van. If you’re live in or are planning on visiting the St. Petersburg/Tampa area, you can rent a Volkswagen camper van from Florida Old Scool Campers. We rented one a few years back, and it’s still a great memory for my family. Here’s a recap of where we went

Onsite Barber Services for Weddings Bring a Feeling of Luxury

The morning-of can understandably be very stressful for soonlyweds, which is why it’s so important to surround yourself with wedding pros who can put you at ease — starting with your beauty/grooming team. While it’s standard for your hairstylist to be on-site, we’re now seeing more and more dapper soonlyweds opt for having their barber swing by for a fresh cut. The cultural history of the barbershop runs deep within the Black and queer communities. Bringing that community atmosphere was import

11 Travel-Friendly Honeymoon Beauty Products from Black-Owned Brands

The wedding is over, now it’s time to relax! But that doesn’t mean letting your skincare and beauty routine slide. Keeping your skin refreshed and maintained is just as important for couples on their honeymoon as it was prior to the wedding. Here are 11 skincare and beauty products from Black-owned businesses that are perfect for the honeymoon and small enough (under 3.4 oz) for carry-on luggage.

12 Lost Skills to Teach Your Kids (& Yourself!)

Recent events have had parents searching for new ways to keep their kids busy. How about a few problem-solving skills that seemed lost to time? There are lots of activities from the past that teach life skills, help with math, teach time management, and are also fun! We’ve collected our favorites below—scroll down to re-discover engaging traditional life skills that your kids will love. Have an 18" doll that needs some accessories? Knit her a loop scarf! has directions on how

Clear Kayaking in Tampa Bay: Shell Key Preserve Day Trip

Living in Florida gives my family a lot of opportunities to be in, near, or on the water. It’s our favorite place to be. Kayaking is a family favorite, so we decided to book a tour with Get Up and Go Kayaking Tampa Bay. The transparent kayak helps customers see the wildlife that exists below the water. It was a great way to get out and enjoy nature while social distancing. Here’s how our tour went and some suggestions on how to make your experience even better. Open since 2019, Get Up and Go Ka

The Florida Botanical Gardens

Located on 92 acres of land in the most densely populated county in the state, the Florida Botanical Gardens is a place to enjoy nature and relax. Owned by Pinellas County, the gardens are maintained by county workers and volunteers. There’s even an office of the University of Florida IFAS Extension to help answer questions about plants. The Florida Botanical Gardens are located in Largo, so visitors to St. Petersburg or Tampa can get there quick. There are three distinct garden areas with indi

Florida Black Heritage Trail

Black history in Florida goes back hundreds of years. From the time Spanish explorers first arrived, African descendants have helped develop the state to what it is. To recognize these contributions, the Florida’s Visitors Bureau created the Florida Black Heritage Trail. Highlighting locations where these events happened, the trail tells the story of Black Floridians. Here’s some suggestions of places to visit from the Florida Black Heritage Trail: The Old Florida exhibit at Tallahassee Museum

Best Places For RV and Tent Camping in Florida

Ready to get outside and enjoy nature? If you’ve had enough of being inside, a great way to get the family out is to go camping. Florida is known for its theme parks, but did you know that there are some excellent places to go camping? Here are some of the best places for RV and tent camping in Florida. Note: Be sure to check individual sites to see if they are open. Florida State Parks began re-opening their camping sites on May 21, 2020 on a limited basis. Cabin rentals at Florida State Park

Discover The Smithsonian Museums

Being at home during the COVID-19 crisis has meant more time watching movies. One movie that has been on rotation on tv is Night at The Museum: Battle of The Smithsonian. After watching a few times, I realized that it’s a great movie to help teach kids history. And it’s also a great way to help plan a future trip to the Smithsonian museums in Washington D.C. or the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Here’s some characters from the film and where you can find them in the museums

Day Trips From St. Petersburg, FL

There’s a good reason why St. Petersburg, FL is known as ‘The Sunshine City’ – with an average of 248 days of sun per year, St. Pete is always a fun time and a great place. to visit. Once you’ve arrived though, what should you do? There’s lot of great things to take advantage of in the city and surrounding areas. So here are some great day trips from St. Petersburg that you can do: The largest collection of Salvador Dali paintings and sculptures outside of Europe is located in downtown St. Pete
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